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Power Range: 20 - 100 kVA

The CSS Multi Sentry by Riello UPS is designed in compliance with standard EN 50171 and is therefore the ideal solution for installation in buildings subject to fire safety regulations and in particular for the power supply of emergency lighting systems. This is not all however, according to local regulations the CSS range by Riello UPS is also suitable for supplying power to other emergency systems such as automatic fire extinguishing systems, alarm systems and emergency detection systems, smoke extraction equipment and carbon monoxide detection devices as well as dedicated security systems in sensitive areas. The use of centralised supply systems (CSS) ensures a significant reduction in system set-up and maintenance costs as well as making periodical checks simpler and faster to perform.

CSS Multi Sentry 30-40


  • Compliance with standard EN 50171

  • Dual Input

  • Protection against battery inversion 

  • High recharge current 

  • Continuous overload of 120%  

  • Casing compliant with standard EN 60598-1 

  • 10-year life Batteries 

Brochures and data sheets

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Central Supply Systems

Technical specifications of the model

Dual Input
The Riello UPS CSS Multi Sentry range is equipped with DUAL INPUT as standard on all models. This important feature allows the mandatory scheduled checks on system operation and autonomy to be carried out with extreme ease and in complete safety by simply operating an input switch. This switch interrupts the power supply to the machine without interrupting the bypass line, which is able to support the load in the event of test failure.

High recharge current and Battery Care System
Proper battery care is critical to ensuring correct CSS operation in emergency conditions. The Riello UPS battery care system consists of a series of features and capabilities designed to obtain the best performance, extend operating life and satisfy the recharge times imposed by the standard. The Riello UPS CSS range is designed in compliance with standard EN 50171 and ensures high current levels are available for the batteries, allowing recharge of up to 80% of full autonomy within 12 hours. Riello UPS CSS Multi Sentry are suitable for use with hermetically sealed lead-acid (VRLA), AGM and GEL batteries and Open Vent and Nickel batteries. Different charging methods are available depending on the battery type. The recharge voltage compensation function based on temperature prevents excessive battery charges and overheating. The deep discharge protection prevents reduced battery performance and battery damage.

High overload capacity
As required by standard EN 50171, the Riello UPS CSS Multi Sentry range is designed and sized to support continuous overloads (with no time limits) of up to 120% of the machine's nominal load.

Protection against battery inversion
Mandatory in line with standard EN 50171, protection against battery inversion ensures the safety of those carrying out maintenance operations on the devices and at the same time prevents damage to the system in the event that the batteries are inadvertently connected with the wrong polarity.

All models are equipped with a contact interface configured in compliance with the EN 50171 standard.

General features
In addition to the features mentioned here, the Riello UPS CSS range has all the features of reliability and flexibility common to the UPS range it derives from, as well as offering compatibility with the main options and accessories.

The Riello UPS CSS Multi Sentry range is based on both single-phase and three-phase models  divided into two product families, 1h and 3h, optimised to offer maximum runtimes of 1 hour and 3 hours respectively at nominal load in accordance with the parameters set out in standard EN 50171.
In particular the models in the 3h range feature transformer-based technology and provide maximum protection for the connected load.
The models in the 3h range are based on transformer-less technology, therefore providing improved efficiency and reduced footprints.